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Keyout System Forward Facing Camera
Eco Stop Start System AVI Side Scan
360 Degree Camera System HGV Park Brake Alarm
360 Degree Camera System Front Parking Sensors
Wing Mirror Dual View Rear Parking Sensors
TFT LCD Monitors for reversing cameras BA-32 Nightshift Backalarm
AW-9880 Camera Mini Light Bar
AW-9206 Camera Fire Extinguisher
AW-T013 Camera SL900 Cruise Control / Speed Limiter
TFT LCD Mirror Monitors for Reversing Cameras Beacons & Lightbars
Thatcham Approved Category 1 Alarm System  
Thatcham Approved Category 2 Immobiliser  
12 or 24 Volt Remote Control Alarm System  
Blip Upgrade Alarm System  
Diamond 12m Quad PIR Detector  
Goods in Transit Alarm  
Heavy Duty Reed and Magnets  
Catalytic Converter Alarm / Security System  
Rear Slam Locks
High Security Dead Locks
Slam Locks
Armour Locks
Freight Lock
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SmarTrack uTrack Fleet Assist
SmarTrack uTrack
SmarTrack Protector+


Eberspacher Heating
LED Interior Lamps
Hand Wash System
Water Heater
Battery Guard
Roof Vents
LED Beacons & Lightbars
Mini LED Light Bar
Fire Extinguisher


The AVI Keyout

This is a professionally fitted unit that allows the vehicles engine to remain running after the keys have been removed, also allowing (in most cases ) the driver to lock his cab doors thus protecting his belongings,

allowing a power supply for beacons, lights, fridges, safety equipment and tail lifts without the battery going flat. This unit is fitted by our trained engineers at your premises or on site.

The design of this product is to make a standard key out/run lock system more Eco friendly on welfare type vehicles etc. the aim is to help reduce our carbon foot print, reduce noise and preserve fuel without compromising the electric energy requirements of today’s service vehicles.

The AVI DVR 4 is a Mobile Digital Video Recorders (MDVR) specifically designed for the UK market.

The Iris 360 is a 360 degrees camera system for vehicles which provide drivers a surround view all around the vehicle, making parking, reversing and manoeuvering safe and easy.

Increase visibility and safety on your HGV with our dual camera DVR system.
The cameras can be used to replace the current mirrors, enabling a better view of side and blind-spot areas to increase safety.

24 volt vehicles 7 inches colour monitor

The AW-9880 is a heavy duty waterproof colour camera with night vision, suitable for internal and external use on HGVs, Light Commercials.

The AW-9206 is a water proof colour camera with night vision, suitable for internal and external use on light commercials.

The AW-T013 is a water resistant side-mount colour camera with night vision, suitable for internal and external use on HGVs and light commercials. Can be mounted for left, right or rear vertical orientation.

TFT LCD Mirror Monitors for Reversing Cameras

Tamper proof hardware, encrypted, password protected software, full HD 165° angle recordings at 30 fps, purpose designed Format Free Technology, Independent G-sensor controls, battery protection, compatible with 12v & 24v vehicles make Titan 1 a versatile and reliable addition to any fleet manager’s arsenal

On the near side of the vehicle there are 4 sensors equally placed along the body which indicate when an object or person is within a certain distance when the left indicator is on.

Voice message alerts driver if they attempt to exit the vehicle without the park brake applied.

Once activated the warning will continue until the park brake is applied.

4 front sensors with control unit, push button, speaker and adapters
The universal parking system which relies on the reflection of sound waves emitted by ultrasonic detectors spaced equally across the bumpers, to assure the best read-out.
They are easy to install on all types of bumpers, even metallic ones, internally for a flush factory-fitted look or externally with specific adapters.

The rear sensors are activated whenever reverse gear is engaged; an audible signal will indicate the sensors are active. Detection of obstacles is signaled by a speaker. The frequency of the beeping indicates the detection zone within which the obstacle is detected. The faster the beeping, the closer the object.

Nightshift Technology - with built in override allows vehicle reversing in buit-up areas during restricted hours 23.30 – 07.00


The Evolution Mini Light bar features a high visibility ribbed lens and is available with rotators or quad flash strobes within it.

A neat and economic solution and at only 110mm high it is the lowest profile light bar on the market to include rotators.

6KG Dry Powder. ABC powder extinguishers are suitable for Class A (paper wood textiles), B (flammable liquids, petrol, paints etc) & C (flammable gases, propane and butane) fires. They can also be used effectively on electrical fires.

The AP900 Series Cruise Control / Speed Limiter allows the driver to cruise at a desired speed by monitoring the vehicle road speed and by finely adjusting the vehicles throttle to maintain that speed.

Supplied and fitted on site, with 12 months part and labour warranty.

Includes national warranty.

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