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Category: Vehicle Safety

The system will only activate when the vehicle is moving below 10 mph* and the left hand indicator has been applied (we can pre-set the unit to any preferred speed)

The system is de-activated when the hand brake is applied to prevent nuisance operation.The system will also de-activate approximately 5* seconds after the L/H indicator is cancelled provided that the vehicle is still travelling below the speed listed above.

• An optional external warning can be triggered to repeat the instruction ‘Warning
this vehicle is turning left’.
• The driver is warned by both visual and audible signals in the cab of an
obstruction within the detection zone.
• The display is the same as the front corner traffic light system but we usually
mount this sideways on the A-pillar.
• The warning zones are ‘green’ 600mm, ‘amber’ 450mm final ‘red + audio’
• Sensors are 22mm flush mount or under mount dependent on the side design of
the unit.
• Main ECU is chassis mounted on the n/s of the vehicle in an IP67 enclosure.

*these parameters can be altered to suit your customers’ requirements if different.

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