Wing Mirror Dual View

Category: Vehicle Safety

1080p Wing Mirror Dual-View1080p

Increase visibility and safety on your HGV with our dual camera DVR system.
The cameras can be used to replace the current mirrors, enabling a better view of side and
blind-spot areas to increase safety.

The built in DVR feature enables you to capture footage for insurance purposes, if needed.
Choice of short or long arm camera, depending on vehicle type.



1080p Wing Mirror Replacement DVR Kit

Built-In Speaker: 2W (Reversing Instruction)  Near View Camera Resolution: 1920x1080 WDR Recording Both Day & Night
Triggers: 3  Distant View Camera Resolution: 1920x1080 Dual Recording Of Both Cameras
Monitor Size: 337.7mm x 155mm x 117.7mm 30 fps Loop Recording
Resolution: 1920x720 Vertical Screen CMOS Image Sensor  Auto Record When Power On
1 x SD Card Slot: Maximum 128GB Storage Auto Heating Preview Of Two-Way Videos
Power: 12/24V                                                Auto Fill-In Light Support 27s Of Time-Lapse Recording When Power Off
WiFi    HD Star Light Colour Night Vision Time-Lapse Photography
Auto Brightness Supports WDR/HDR Imaging Technology SD Card Capacity Up To 128GB
Buttons And Remote Control Operation Anti-Fog, Anti-Glare, Anti-Rain  
Supports Reversing View (Optional Waterproof, Dustproof  

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