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Eberspacher air heaters are independent both of the engine and of the vehicle'sEberspacher air heaters are independent both of the engine and of the vehicle'sown heat balance.They draw in cool room or outside air, heat this up and then deliver it to the interiorof the vehicle.

Range of slim line LED interior lamps incorporating small, high brightness LEDs that have and incredible light output for their size.

Our water heaters are like Our water heaters are like intelligent travel kettles.

They provide hot water for drinks in a safe, efficient way.

Battery Guard are the ideal solution for operators and installers, when batteries need to be protected from heavy discharge due to additional loads being fitted.

Roof Ventilator “TURBO I I”
Colours: Black or White
Standard mounting set suits roof thickness 1mm – 21mm

• Low profile 12LED R65 approved beacon
• Magnetic mount versions wind speed certified to 250km/h (155mph)
• Night dim mode
• Cruise mode - staedy low level illummination
• Multiple units can be synchronised

A neat and economic solution and at only 110mm high it is the lowest profile light bar on the market to include rotators.

ABC powder extinguishers are suitable for Class A (paper wood textiles), B (flammable liquids, petrol, paints etc) & C (flammable gases, propane and butane) fires. They can also be used effectively on electrical fires.

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