SL900 Speed Limiter System

Category: Vehicle Safety

For vehicles with drive by wire throttle pedals

Features and benefits of the SL900 Speed Limiter

  • Vehicle maximum speed limit selectable on installation.
  • Driver selectable speed limit when fitted with a command module (Stalk).
  • Reduce fuel consumption (Green).
  • Reduce exhaust emissions (Green).
  • Reduce carbon footprint.
  • E marked and TÜV approved to the latest European Directives for automotive accessories.
  • Maximum speed limit selectable between 80kph (50mph) to 150kph (93mph).
  • Built-in CAN bus interface for selected vehicle models (see vehicle application list).
  • Plug and play accelerator potentiometer “T” harness available for most vehicles (see vehicle application list).
  • Options of different control stalks and command modules with set, accelerate, resume, decelerate and On/Off buttons (CM 35 as addition coast and memory features).
  • All stalks and command module allow you to tap up or tap down the set speed limit by 1kph/0.62mph.

Note: some vehicles may require an additional interface for connection into vehicle speed signal circuit.

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