360 Degree Camera System

Category: Vehicle Safety

The Iris 360 is an advanced 360 degrees camera system for vehicles which provide drivers a surround view all around the vehicle. making parking. reversing and manoeuvring safe and easy.
The Iris 360 eradicates all blind-spots and can be calibrated to any form or range of vehicle.
The images from the four. ultra-wide angled lens cameras are merged together to present the handler with an easy to interpret 360 degree visual. confirming no blind-spots.

All vehicles will have their blind areas: areas around the automobile that are unseen by the driver. When on the move. not being able to see the blind spots enables a risk of danger to anything and anyone in the vehicles way which leads to the driver not being safe on the road.

• Allows the driver to eradicate all blind spots
• Complete view of the surrounding area in a single image
• System that has been specifically designed for all plant applications.


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