SmarTrack uTrack Fleet Assist

Category: Tracking

This system is designed to manage your fleet and save money on fuel and time sheets

uTrack features:

  • 1 minutes updates (5 minute periods)
  • Stop/ start reports
  • Geofence available
  • Full Google mapping, internet based (no extra software needed)
  • Live track on individual or whole fleets
  • Email reports of over speeding vehicles
  • 12/ 24 volt compatible Integrated GPS aerial (sirfstar III) for stealth fit
  • Battery back up as standard
  • Full printable road name and area on reports
  • Transferable

If your driver knows that their vehicle is fitted with a tracking device they will become very aware to their speed, punctuality, fuel use and general driving behaviour!

  • Improve your driver’s time and time sheet keeping.
  • Improved driving style, system monitors speed and will email over speed warnings.
  • Reduced un-necessary mileage, including evenings and weekends.
  • Reduced idling of engine, excessive lunch breaks.
  • Very easy to use with no additional software, simply log in anywhere to check your fleet.
  • Weekly printable time reports
  • History log for duration of subscription

SmarTrack the Market Leader in Stolen Vehicle Recovery brings you Fleet Assist, their innovative fleet/asset management system combined with stolen vehicle recovery.

SmarTrack is recognised as the market leader throughout the UK for stolen vehicle recovery. Always innovating and bringing real benefits to thousands of customers day in and day out. Nothing is impossible and nothing is too much trouble.

The SmarTrack secure control centre is continually staffed is your fleet manager available 24 hours?



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